This, to me, neither a self appraisal nor gladdies to my muscle, But a great giving of thanks and kudos to God for providing for me the world best mom, dad and brothers; the type that all the heads in living’s midst would pray to have.

I thank God for pillar-ing me with good, great and awesome friends; those that smiles, those that frowns, those with face like desert and those with ones like rainy season and not tears.

This, am sure, an opportunity, it is, to rain thanks on my roommates; the motivators and demotivators; Santome, Dlaw, familyman, shamije The truth is that without you, i won’t be able to realise my hills and holes.

I appreciate the people in my gentle life, those who stayed a little, those who stayed, those that stayed and stayed, ones that are up in the coast. Thanks for been/being there to be leaned on.

Gracias to my colleague at Infocus News Agency, ACJ penpushers, Tulk Magazine, An-nur press agency and Poets that do shed blood of non living device to put pen to paper the flood of herculeanity of the palm to mouth.

Yes, I went through things and things went through me. I fought alphabets, I defeated many and some fought for freedom but thank God, I am standing somewhere, somehow and holding something.

And, my Facebook friends, twitter pals, all I just cannot but say is thank you, danke, gracias, merci, obrigado. As in E seun gan an.

Formally, a graduand, I am

Awokunle Toyin Sheriff (tersemann)



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