Trust not the trust!
As credence SEEMS promising?
To the core and psyche of might…

Wish. Muse. Aroma. Touch.

On the trek!
Where swear tears fears to pairs?
With commode et credenza-seem promises…

Seen. Felt. Spelt. Keent.

On the voyage!
Of which red beam
musics no caveat caviat but freedom…

Sent. Bent. Dent. Meant.

On a thrust of…!
Where promise is…?
And swears are the…

To… for… of… by…

Promises and swears of the darkness!
seems to be illumed?
by dark and blind bloke…
Obdurate aide mémoire!
of trusts and swears?
seems darkly lit and…

Promises held!
of never, ever and forever?
found shiver by the fever river…

Promises of kings and queen!
kings and queen like the ‘buffer and ruffier

Surfing horny morning-must!
seemingly, of great loving lust?
all not found yet but loving lost…

Dubaic life cagedly monumented!
like the head of the Mumbai saga mythos?
and the lies of flies; documented…

Checking those clippee for better!
a language of tipee together?
a tribe of jeepee defender and…

Alas, ever seems ever ever!
but never, here is never never?
and shiver head fevers fever…


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