Today; this day of our lord
I open the book to see my face.
All i can see is against me: sword
In the very page of the phase.

E’en the day i know
Will say bye ere leaving.
The night will show
Ere paving for morning.

But like death, you gong not
Before taking off with soul.
You came like thief in da nite
And sent the daring mind AWOL.

Mind cannot run for fear
For it, chained, in Samson’s pen.
Now, I can do you compare
To summer’s day of then.

Ye! Of your wooden mind still,
I can weave a new coat.
And of your dubious pill,
I can do new a happy float.

(On the strange way,
Transciency caught up you.
On the lonely lane of relay,
Your sinking mind wallow through)

Goodnight, and wake up, will you?
When the horn no more sing.
And try to match up with due
When the clock no more ting.


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