The wrong isn’t right even if made aright;

The right is but not wrong even if heads are hung.

The wrong on the wrong road reads road wrecks,

And the wronged right does death rite for a wright.

The right is wrong like the bard’s song!


Open the right to the right side

Where the wrong was unput aside

With wrong rightly put wrongly on the side

Truth loses its root to the wrong glide

And away it makes on a right tide


The wrong is not wrong to be wrong

even if wronged by the truth that was once hung

Like the wronged wrong made in the sung

Behold! It; not just a bell; ding dong

But the caller of right wright back from the lane wrong


Make the wronged right wrong

Like the Muhammed of the apex height.

Make the wronged right wrong

Like the said Lord of the Nazareth

Behold! Two wrongs cannot shape a right flight


Right is right without right of it being right

Who has the right of a right sight? Who?

Wrong sung will gong up decades’ dung.

When the long lung longs to see the moving pong

The wrong with right to ring wrong tongue will not long be hung.

© Toyin Sharif Awokunle (Tersemann)

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