LET me be DEAF

Let me be deaf
To the siren of the death
That lules to sleep the hungry gent

Let me be deaf
To the music of oppressors
To the ranting oppressed

Let me be deaf
To killers of future
With no gun nor spear

Deaf, let me be
To the happy elegy
Of the loving hated chaps

Let me be dumb
When my people reigns
In shantis and dirto

Let me be dumb
To accused the ‘virtue’
Of do-let’s-see-me

Endumb me
Not to have the say-ability
Of green turn blue sky

Let me be dumb
To tell the removal of awning
To confect cathedral of mincemeat.

Tersemann 2015

By ‘Toyin Adedayo Laconio

Folders, Files and Letters.

Rolls of all 365 dawns
Umpteen of gowns on the streets
Many legs in trousers
With folders and files
In search of distributed seats

And you blame heads who
Beg for nairas and papers
With guns and human-knappin’ gown
Blame the fat shadows
That sings ‘freely I have’