Have you not? (My plead)


On my knees, have you not seen me?
I shed my prayer like blood
Of the said slayed saviour

O the taker of preyer!
Have you not seen me
In my decent tattered prayer gown?

I know you eyes me! I know or can’t you?
Let not my hot tears dry
Ere you shave me clean

I am powerless, that, you know
Like a newly born sheep
But I will keep rising after falls

Give me this day my bread!
That of daily and forever’s
My palm is still like plate; waiting

Can you not see? You see me!
I am in fish that is in a fish
In another fish down in another’s intestine

Bring me out, will you not?
Let me deliver your message
To the recipients. Let me!


Photo credit: http://www.shutterstock.com