Dart of truth

Shoot me the dart of truth 

Don’t hurt me with pillow-beat of lies

Frown to me, let me see the truth 

In colors that shall force me to rise.



This of nights
A night with but blanket
Yes the cold rent the flights
Like women of the market

Emptiness of the room
Was felt in my presence
As i was myself’s groom
And with bed motion license

Silence rent the cloud
O Night! Where is your part?
Your companion from the cloud
That at my bedside sat

This night is silent
Like the dead grave
Asleep is the night
As Lazarus’s humble cave

O silent night!
Whole-y night
With none bright
And love off sight

I snorr alone at no length
And hold my pillow dearly
Covering bed’s large breadth
With nothing but empty clearly

Come O Angel!
Rub your feather at my chest
Let my heart marvel
Let me mark this night a best

Sudden Summer


Today; this day of our lord
I open the book to see my face.
All i can see is against me: sword
In the very page of the phase.

E’en the day i know
Will say bye ere leaving.
The night will show
Ere paving for morning.

But like death, you gong not
Before taking off with soul.
You came like thief in da nite
And sent the daring mind AWOL.

Mind cannot run for fear
For it, chained, in Samson’s pen.
Now, I can do you compare
To summer’s day of then.

Ye! Of your wooden mind still,
I can weave a new coat.
And of your dubious pill,
I can do new a happy float.

(On the strange way,
Transciency caught up you.
On the lonely lane of relay,
Your sinking mind wallow through)

Goodnight, and wake up, will you?
When the horn no more sing.
And try to match up with due
When the clock no more ting.




You are a silent thunder
Welcomed by a white

You are the mystery
To the tasteless tales
of troy.

You are not a joke
Of flying birds
Under a cup-like river

You are lordish
You are the light
You are a fair fairy.

Tersemann Purge 2016

Forsake me not


Without a face
I stand to love you
Like deep in pace
I can feel you

I am like a wool in the air
Like nylon, I am fair
I am dumb, he says
Let my hope seize the phrase

O heart, let me soar
In the face of the days
That chorus my satire
And dances to my less praise

O lady, let me reign
Far up above the night
That awaits my pain
And play me game of plight

O lady, deny me not before them
Don’t let the cock crow the third
Come, hold me like my stem
And let my succulent off the pod.

Forsake me not,
Like the sun does to moon
And the day to her dear night
Let me rest by you at noon
And be not unclose to your sight


lone thought

Alone in this hut
With my lone thought
It is success well fought
But in lone it so hurt

Longing for freedom
In lodge as it glitters
And live with gods in kingdom
All; sweat and sweet but it bitters

The weak leads the hardbones
As treasure of heart seem clones
Like death of living dead
As scroll of past so said



Like I have never been here
With trophy of luck there
Singing songs of the goat
With a red rose wore on coat.

Like I have never been shot
With dwarf dart short
Of the little kid with the mind arrow
To carry white ripe roses in barrow.

Shot, rested, and
On the warfront again
Guess, this time not with the villain
But with the rosy amour band.


Desperate search

I have seen ‘egbin’
the beautiful animal
I have seen Queen Patrician
on the legless hill of Damasus
I have seen many coloured breast

I have waited and waited
For a mightier staff
I have hold all on
For a lovely simple hips
but all seems corn-promising

I have faced cold
I have faced bold at scold abode
But they all vies
For the commandant

Oh, incoming staff
Come like lightning
Come like the peotry muse
Come to sit and sit
Come and dine and wine

Let your knock be welcomed
Let my frozen body be paid
Let my silent noise endeaf the lack
Let my smile come again
From book of shy, let me soar.

Laconio 2015

Albatross on my heel

What have I missed?
Sun as it set us up?
Cold as it code our minds?

Is it the body making
That makes the time pause?
Or the cheers of heart in grinds?

Is it the days we seize the day
For a utilize of single hour?
Or of smiles in sky for us?

The day we had lips fight?
Days of handcrafts in cottons?
Times of hips on lap?…


Life, itself is all about change
He said
Light, itself is all about switch
She connoted

I see,
The bulb in my caboose
with switch it is
The lighter in my scullery
Is with ignition

Bulb light is changed
When the power gone low
Unregardic, of the love
Of the colour well shown

No matter how you love life
‘She’ still expire
No matter how you love a pen
Exhaustion is sure-fire in the bag

Like air uncoopedly uncrated
It escaped
Like a man away from mendacious peril
It fled.

* ‘Abajo’ is a word in the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria’s dictionary which in English means ‘i see’