Dark night bards


O tyrants of the night
Drillers of the darkened day
Let me lie in peace
Like a baby, in my humble bed

O the singers of darkness
That sing to tired souls
Why hath you not wait
When his anger applauds

You sing of bluuuuuuun
You lyric vaaaaaaaaan
You music to silent nights
To drumless vibes, you sing

I please you,
If my blood is a must
Sip of it, I cannot drink it my-lone
But leave no bruise nor…

Milk me, o lazy pilots
Take from my blood
But, never you, I plead
Sing to me your horrible fjord

For I will dance not

Photo credit to http://www.clipartof.com

Forsake me not


Without a face
I stand to love you
Like deep in pace
I can feel you

I am like a wool in the air
Like nylon, I am fair
I am dumb, he says
Let my hope seize the phrase

O heart, let me soar
In the face of the days
That chorus my satire
And dances to my less praise

O lady, let me reign
Far up above the night
That awaits my pain
And play me game of plight

O lady, deny me not before them
Don’t let the cock crow the third
Come, hold me like my stem
And let my succulent off the pod.

Forsake me not,
Like the sun does to moon
And the day to her dear night
Let me rest by you at noon
And be not unclose to your sight




Over the plague
On the corridor of exodus
I see the muse
On trial of fuse
And all for upfront capture

Muse muses to we
The niftiness of the whorl
In the municipal of fingers
On certitude of cathedra
And all for maxilla of truth

Muse musics not
Lack of hap
But like of kismet
For the whopping star
In the immense sky

With grander forth and forth
Muse lasso the moon
All to triumph the
Molecule of uproar
Crypted in oceanbrin

Of blurry pellucid virtue king-doom.


lone thought

Alone in this hut
With my lone thought
It is success well fought
But in lone it so hurt

Longing for freedom
In lodge as it glitters
And live with gods in kingdom
All; sweat and sweet but it bitters

The weak leads the hardbones
As treasure of heart seem clones
Like death of living dead
As scroll of past so said


Desperate search

I have seen ‘egbin’
the beautiful animal
I have seen Queen Patrician
on the legless hill of Damasus
I have seen many coloured breast

I have waited and waited
For a mightier staff
I have hold all on
For a lovely simple hips
but all seems corn-promising

I have faced cold
I have faced bold at scold abode
But they all vies
For the commandant

Oh, incoming staff
Come like lightning
Come like the peotry muse
Come to sit and sit
Come and dine and wine

Let your knock be welcomed
Let my frozen body be paid
Let my silent noise endeaf the lack
Let my smile come again
From book of shy, let me soar.

Laconio 2015